The events, places, and people depicted in the stories within this blog are by no means referring to real life incidents or people and any reference to such is purely coincidental. Some stories maybe vaguely based on historical events or places but are only inspired by them.  Moreover, all stories that are posted here are purely fictional.
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Autobiographies that are posted on this site have been gleaned from other locations on the net.  Therefore, the accuracy is in some cases maybe questionable.  This site will endeavour to research and cross reference the correct autobiography before posting but be aware that some inaccuracies will unfortunately slip through.

Links to the references will be provided below:
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The overall intent of this site is to display the overall awesomeness of the female body through various media that is readily availiable on the net.  By no means is this to demean these women but to reveal in their magnificance be it their sexiness, sluttiness or beauty.  Though some of the material will be graphic in nature it is simply to show that these women are overwhelmingly desirable and irrisisable.  Plus, to promote them in what ever field, media or profession they are pursuing.

The sit will have specific posts for each day of the week:  for example daily there will be a model or actress posted; Mondays there will be a bikini spread posted, Tues will be "TITTY TUESDAYS", Wednesdays are "HUMP" with hotties doing just that and along with a 'Motivational Poster'; Thursday being a 'Blast for the Past' and langeire in order to get ready for the weekend; Friday will be 'Fantasy' & 'Freaky Friday's', which could be anything from art to role play; Saturday is cartoons...of course; Sunday will be sports; and, each week will have a 'Feature of the Week', which will start on Monday and end on Sunday with a brief on their personal web site, if they have one, with a link.

(Note: these are tentative)
Mondays: bikini spread posted -1200, 1400
Tues: Big, Huge, Massive, & Enourmous Titties all day
Wednesday: lots of humping & 'Motivational Poster' - 0100
Thursday: 'Blast for the Past' - 0200, with langerie throughout,
Friday: 'Fantasy & Freaky Friday's' - Fantasy image (art) 0100, photo 0900, stories 1200,
Saturday: cartoons - cartoon 0200, comic story 0800,
Sunday: official sites - 0800

Feature of the Week - 0730
Dailies: 0100

Periodically, there will be random photo spreads posted of models that have already been posted as a 'daily'.  As well, stories and articles are presently in the works.

Thanks, and enjoy.
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Suggestions on links, ideas, or
requests for specific models are all welcome.
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